It’s Time to Connect Southeast Michigan

Investing in a regional transit system is an investment in our future. A connected and effective regional transit system will create economic opportunity and improve quality of life for the communities of Southeast Michigan. Together we can build a transit system that goes beyond the patchwork services we have today and implement tomorrow’s mobility strategies to solve today’s challenges.

Learn About The Proposed Plan

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Connecting Southeast Michigan Delivers Value to Every Resident

Transit is about more than getting from point A to point B.

  • Transit connects people to jobs and services
  • Investing in transit attracts new jobs and investment while helping local businesses grow
  • Expanding mobility options keeps families together and helps Southeast Michigan build the workforce of the future by attracting and retaining young talent
  • Transit connects communities, providing access to regional events and amenities
  • Transit provides greater access to education by connecting students with k-12 school districts, trade schools, community colleges, and our regions university campuses
  • Transit leads to a healthier region by not only connecting patients with doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals but it also promotes investment in more walkable, sustainable communities 

Tell Us Why Transit is Important to You

Can’t get to your job easily?  Want better access to medical or educational services?  Attend a public meeting and take the Connect Southeast Michigan survey to tell us how you would use more regional  transit within our region

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