The Vision

Connecting Southeast Michigan delivers value to every resident

Connect Southeast Michigan will create route upgrades, new regional services and innovative programs that will deliver the transit system our residents deserve, and that our region requires to be truly competitive on the national and global stages. Every $1 spent on public transportation generates $4 in economic return. It’s not just regular riders who benefit. We all benefit from a regional transit system.

A Transit System That Works Today

  • More service in more places across the four county region
  • Expanded frequency of service over more hours of the day
  • A seamless customer experience across the region’s transit providers
  • Enhanced local transportation services in communities outside the core service area including ride-sharing partnerships, meal delivery, medical campus connections, downtown connections and circulators
  • American Disabilities Act complementary paratransit and senior mobility services

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Key Plan Improvement

A Greater Voice and Return on Investment for Each Local Community

  • All counties are provided at least 85% return on their millage revenue
  • All counties receive at least 105% return on investment by leveraging farebox, state and federal funding
  • $30 million per year for communities outside the fixed route service area to determine their transit needs and how best to fit them
  • Captures over $600 million in federal and state funds for the region that would go to areas outside the region
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Community Benefits

Investing in the Future of Mobility

  • $20 million per year dedicated to Advanced Mobility programs to support innovative solutions such as autonomous vehicles
  • Buses that communicate with traffic signals to maximize efficiency
  • A single fare care and mobile app for SMART, DDOT, AAATA, QLINE, People Mover and private services
  • Modern transit vehicles with improved security and Wi-Fi
Four-Part Vision